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Helping rural farming businesses to thrive in Kimbe, West New Britain and PNG

KBSA’s Agribusiness division supports farmers – especially those in remote areas of West New Britain. We help you get your products to market quickly and effectively.

KBSA offers a full range of agribusiness services including logistics and shipping. Our large storage facility near Kimbe is a central location for local farmers, agents and their customers to access. Our Agribusiness team can link a complete range of services to suit your business – taking your product through the market delivery chain – from drying, processing and storing through to containers and shipping to your export market destinations.

Our plant and equipment is designed around West New Britain’s key cash crops:

  • Cocoa
    KBSA’s Cocoa Export Division on the outskirts of the town centre is a convenient place for buying and drying cocoa beans. As well as a large storage area, there is also space for drying, packing and storing cocoa beans for export. We help growers maximise profits by swiftly getting their product from PNG to international markets in Asia and Europe.
  • Copra
    Our local farmers in small rural areas depend on copra as their primary income. KBSA operates a copra buying and storage facility on the Port of Kimbe, facilitating local farming businesses in remote areas of West New Britain.
  • Palm oil
    We can also handle specialised projects for a range of agricultural industries, including palm oil.

Our Shipping and stevedoring services with East West Transport Kimbe, operate a range of transport and logistics services, including bulk cargo, containers and yard storage. We have direct access to Kimbe Port for monthly bulk exports to markets in Australia, Asia and Europe. This provides a vital link for small farms in remote rural areas, helping them overcome big-business challenges, enabling them to compete on a equal level with larger providers.

Find out how KBSA’s facilities can help grow your farming business. Call our Agribusiness team today.